I’ve been a closet ‘entertainer’ for years and years and years (yea I’m old) telling everyone I meet my funny stories, jokes I heard, the best songs ever and butting my opinion into every conversation.

I’m one of those people who has to hold back NOT to talk.  Yet sometimes I do sit back, observing the world and the people around me.  I find it all so fascinating.  And ironically, the larger the group the more I sit back and observe.  You can imagine (and perhaps pity) the poor suckers I sit next to on an airline!  But really I haven’t had anyone complain yet, try to follow me home, yes, but complain… nope.

So for years people have told me to do stand-up (and I originally went to college…an unspecified millennium ago…to be a writer) and I’m finally listening and attempting to do it.  So I write fiction…graphic, explicit paranormal Romance novels.  And I do a bit of storytelling to pursue the craft of comedy.   And now…I have a website where I get to spread test my material on the world.  Oh and where everyone can keep up with me! 

But sometimes the world isn’t ready for my humor.  So to protect the world & myself from spam most of the I’ve password protected some of the “personal” parts of the blog.  If you wish to read those…  I’ll be happy to share the password but you’ll need to leave a comment on this page with a valid email address for me to send it to.