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Coachella 2018

IMG_4054On the eve of the 2019 lineup coming out I thought I’d do some more catching up on blog posts by posting THIS!.

Ah yes… another Coachella.  This one as unique as the last one!   Yes, we did pre-sale in April 2017, of course, so we didn’t feel the pressure to buy when the lineup came out.  But I had a lot of new friends where I worked & many wanted to go!!  I, sadly, was working when tickets went on sale, so I had Sex God buy 4 tickets and another camping spot.  It completely frazzled him because the site can be really challenging, but he was successful!

So now we had 5 of us going with 2 camping spots (the sixth ticket we sold to SG’s daughter).  I’m quite the planner so I made us all come to my house to do a mock up of setting up the campsite… and thank goodness we DID!  We quickly realized what we needed and who would buy what and how much the reimbursement would cost each of us.  Being prepared is the key to successful camping.   The down note to all this planning was getting the diagnosis of a meniscus tear in my knee.  So even though I got a cortisone shot in my foot for my heel spur I was an injured girl hobbling about.

Sex God went to TOWN on his Fiesta in decorating with hopes to win the Carpoolchella.  Leaving for camping was supposed to be Thursday but they announced a delay in opening camping due to expected high winds.  But that worked out because there was SOOOO much to do!  I wanted to pre-pack the vehicles but Sex God was still decorating and Gloria wasn’t going to arrive with her car until we were ready to leave.  So we ended up loading at 5am!  We headed off in our two cars, stopping for food and to switch people with stuff at Indio so the tiny Fiesta would have 4 people in it (a requirement for winning) without those people having to sit cramped for the ENTIRE drive.


He did a metal dragonfly on top of the car!

We thought we were early, but there was A LOT of people who didn’t get the notice that early camping entry was delayed so those people ended up parked & waiting at the Walmart parking lot.  Then Coachella opened the camping at 3am without telling us, so we waited in the long line to get through security and THEN the 8 security lines feeding into one entry line giving us the stress of keeping together so we’d have side by side camping spots.  I was in front and I see a golf cart following Sex God’s Fiesta… as soon as we parked they let us know we were winning Carpoolchella!   That consisted of getting to pick a prize from a bowl and while we DIDN’T win the VIP for Life tickets, we did win a VIP upgrade!  Well, THEY did… the ones in that car lol..  I was driving the other car!


Work Friends!

Camp set up was quick because we did a rehearsal which was much needed because since we were arriving Friday now instead of Thursday we had to scamper quickly into the venue!   Coachella wasn’t exactly new to any of our group but only the bf and I had been frequent goers.  The food choices had expanded hugely!  So we did a visit around to get the lay of the land.  Sadly all the rushed anxiety resulted in a quick blown up argument with Sex God & I over food/money which was just as quickly solved with money for food!  I keep forgetting my slowed metabolism is the opposite of HIS heightened metabolism.  And to be honest, he might have felt a little put out with me bringing my friends and it not be just the two of us.  Of course, I remember the year he brought several of HIS friends and I managed not to get out of sorts. lol


The Weekend

First Day we, of course, saw The Weekend and bounced about to see a few other artists, Slow Magic & Kalela.  My BFF Gloria & I saw Greta Van Fleet and we were blown away!  I kept turning to her to scream “How OLD is this BAND?!”  Because these were youngsters in their 20’s playing music (and looking like) something straight outa 70’s Glam Rock!  We gave up seeing Alison Wonderland because she clashed with The Weekend & missed The Neighborhood (seen them) and Bleachers (seen them)  due to popping back to the campsite at dusk to change into warmer/comfortable clothes have dinner and to, well,  boost our high for the night!  Everyone tried to continue the fun at the silent disco after The Weekend but the LINES! lol so us oldsters went to bed & the youngsters eventually joined us.

Festival Selfie

Festival Selfie

Second Day we separated as a group as my younger co-workers wanted to see more of the House music/Dj’s and I wanted to do more lying on the grass with wonderful music around me! (remember knee injury!) Plus THEY all had VIP wristbands, while I did not  My girl Glo stayed with me the entire time….another reason she’s my BFF!  We missed Sir Sly (which we’d seen at the El Rey) to experience (an A/C & comfortable seats) House music visual show in the dome.



But we managed to see Marian Hill, First Aid Kit & a bit of Yaeli before popping back to the campsite for food, jeans & drinks.  I gave up seeing David Byrne for that because I was a bit outvoted on WHEN we went back to the campsite!  We topped off the night with Jorja Smith, a bit of Haim and, of course, Beyonce!   The best part of Coachella is seeing someone I WOULD NEVER PAY to see if its just them.  Most of Coachella’s headliners fall into that category for me.  The exception being Muse (crossing fingers for 2019!) or Radiohead.

An old co-worker and roommate of one of our group decided to join us, finding a ticket, a place to park their car for the night and a ride to the venue!  They arrived after Beyonce and partied with the other youngsters & crashed in Gloria’s SUV (big hearted Gloria!)

Sex God is passed OUT

Sex God is passed OUT

Day Three and we’d gotten into a groove even with the addition of other people.  Plus the BEST BAND EVER was playing that day, Nothing But Thieves!!!  We were starting to feel the burnout Day 3 of Coachella sometimes brings, which I actually love about Coachella.  So after popping in to see The Delirians and LP we parked ourselves at our favorite shady spot at the Outdoor stage to see Magic Giant before Nothing But Thieves came on.  There were a LOT of great bands/performers on Sunday and we

Nothing But Thieves!!!

Nothing But Thieves!!!

missed MANY of them because they conflicted with each other!  The DOWNSIDE to Coachella!  Plus a lot of this “We” was either just me and Glo or me and Sex God.  We saw a bit of DeJ Loaf before popping over to see Hayley Kiyoko.  We saw Cardi B (who I’m a so/so fan of) but missed Portugal the Man for the campsite break.  With the additional of 2 more people the break was even MORE difficult to coordinate!   But we got back in time for Odesza and Eminem.  Eminem was AMAZING!  He really was great to watch and listen to.

The downside of going with friends was the difficulty of Sex God and I to have sex!  By night 3 we were VERY horny and had managed to fight 3 times during the weekend!  So when we got back to our campsite and found none of the youngsters and Gloria solidly asleep in our tent we snuck into my car and solidly steamed up those windows with (surprisingly) delicious car sex!   And finished before the youngsters were done partying in the after hours camping section! Ha!  Fast sex is great ONLY if you manage to get all the buttons pushed in that time… which is the reason my bf’s nickname is Sex God! heeheehee



This was the first time camping for most of our group and they were amazed to wake up to the campsite being a ghost town.  Lots of people leave in the night and you rarely notice!  And some scamper away at dawn.   Although we are all very ready to go home (showers! beds! flushing toilets!!) we are still sluggish from a weekend of partying.  Once Motrin & hydration has been passed around we begin the packing process.  It’s quick work with Sex God being the squirrel-on-pepsi-general that he becomes!  Cara and Tramell (our crashers) squeezed themselves and their stuff into Gloria’s car and she dropped them off at their vehicle.  Sex God and I took most everything else & headed out.

Funiest thing was in the hurry of packing, Sex God found a bottle of water and stuck it into his car cupholder to drink on the drive.  Unbenounced to HIM it was the bottle of VODKA that Monica was going to sneak into the venue on Sunday when they announced we could bring our own bottles of water into the venue (due to the heat!)  He found this out when he took a HUGE slug of the water and then gargle screamed it out in indignation.  Girlfriend struggle of sympathy/laughter is REAL!

We’ve already purchased 4 tickets & 2 camping spots for next year!!

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Let’s do a Rave!


Color in the Hair!

Yes… yes, this post happened over a year ago, but I’m catching up!  Bee happy!

So Sex God turned to me one day and said, “Lets go to EDC!?”   (he recently did this to me again saying ‘lets go to Burning Man!’ which was a definite and resounding NO!)   My response was, “How about we try a baby rave first.”  I began to research and found several rave events but settled on Nocturnal in September.  It was nicely priced, set on grass and not cement (a negative in my books for events), had several stages which meant choices, and most importantly it had a camping option!  I got a cortisone shot for my heel spur to survive walking and dancing.  And for the first time I dyed my hair!  Two colors, a mix of red and blue.


Relaxing in the tent

We didn’t spring for the exorbitantly priced car camping just the tent camping so it was a little different than Coachella.  Once we parked the car we had to drag ALL our stuff to the site.  The problem with this was 1. we’re doing this at night, 2. we foolishly thought we should do this in one trip, 3.  we had to also go through security!  (they confiscated ALL my glow sticks!!)  So by the time we got through all THAT we were so tired we picked the first spot we saw.  It quickly became apparent the 10×10 allotted space was rather small for our large tent/canopy AND that we’d forgot the blow up bed & sleeping bags!


Painted accessories drying!

The first day doesn’t start until sunset, so there is lots of relaxation time and time to explore.  And time to let my Sex God painted shoes and hat to dry!  Nocturnal was held at the Glen Helen Regional Park and there’s a water slide plus a large wading pool!   From the camping to the event there was snacks sold and space with house music dancing which turned into a silent disco at midnight.


Silly Sex God!

There was a long line to get into the event and they separated the lines into two sections, male and female.  Of course the girl lines went SLOW since we carry purses to inspect!  But the BONDING that was happening in line was wonderful.   When I told them I was over 50 it seemed to inspire the youngsters that they wouldn’t get boring in the future when they got old . lol…if they only knew how unique I am!   The kids quickly introduced me to P.L.U.R. which is Peace, Love, Unity & Respect, with all the corresponding hand motions and bracelet exchange!  Like I said, it was delightful!



The Beautiful Grounds

That wonderful acceptance and instant friendship was continued through the weekend!  I noticed that whenever Sex God left me comfortably sitting on the grass, happily watching everything to go off to get food or drink or the bathroom or do something I chose not to do… I was ALWAYS inexplicably joined by a single woman who would sit and chat.   And when he returned, I’d introduce her and after a minute she’d abruptly off and go.  At first I thought it was them who needed the company, but by day three when it also happened at the pool during the day I was realizing they thought I needed taken care of or protecting!  I’ve never experienced


Fun florescence!

such female solidarity!  Say WHATEVER you want about this new generation and raves, but they are truly wonderful people who look after each other.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t remember “who we saw” as it was all more of a random wandering lead by our ears, and there was alcohol.  There was A LOT of walking.  A locker we purchased but NEVER used because Sex God never goes anywhere without his small backpack.  Probably the reason people often asked us if we were “carrying”  lol.  Since we knew none of the artists… and since my hard rap nephew was our sole suggestion source… we just let the music and the moments guide us each night.


Do I fit it? lol

The drink choices weren’t that thrilling but it was more like Bottlerock than Coachella in that it didn’t have a special fenced off drinking area and just let you walk around with your drink.  It lived up to all our hopes!   Oh and did I mention there were costumes? hahaha!   The naked guy was great but the guy dancing in the disco outside of the venue in a Big Hero 6 costume was a lot of fun too!


Must take picture!




















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The El Rey

The El Rey is one of my favorite venues to see a band.   They often host my favorite


Waiting in line with fellow Nothing But Thieves fans is half the fun!

types… up and coming musicians…. in a wonderfully intimate atmosphere.  It used to be a theater and the decor represents that with two raised areas on each side and a balcony in the back.  Once of the things I very much enjoy is the full bar!

I saw Nothing but Thieves there twice and it was the best performance of my life! Of course, it could be because they are just the best young band out there!  And if I don’t say it enough… you should be listening to this band!!


My BFF Gloria dancing at Nothing But Thieves!

We also saw Sir Sly play at The El Rey and that was a lot of fun.  We were completely unfamiliar with the band beyond the one hit playing on the radio.  And they were very good!  With a bit of a heartbreaking back story they maintain a positive music vibe.

I fell in love with Mondo Cuzmo from their hit Shine on the radio and jumped at the opportunity when I found them playing at The El Rey!  What I’ve downloaded from iTunes I’ve loved and I hear they have a new album coming out!


Sex God and I always check in with The El Rey to see if there are any favorites we want to see playing there.  I hope you have a favorite venue also!

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Bottlerock 2017

Last year, when Bottlerock lineup came out I bought 4 tickets.  Gloria and SLineup2017ex God were absolutely in and my friend Ali was also…at the time I bought the tickets.  Ironically she couldn’t afford it when the tickets came, but we tooIMG_3653k her anyway because it was VERY difficult to try and sell tickets to a relatively new festival.  Even with such a great lineup!

Knowing Napa was a 6 hour drive we got up at 4ish, piled into my car with our stuff and hit the road!  I managed the drive pretty well with only a few stops for food & bathroom breaks, but by hour #4.5 I was BEAT!  I had Sex God take over the last part of the road & slept while Glo and Ali dealt with the car sickness that happens when Sex God drives!  He will deny it but he drives every car like its a Go-cart.  The hotel was farther than last year by quite a bit, but that’s all I could get last minute.  My bad.  We threw our stuff in the room, freshened a bit and headed to the festival.  And had a hilarious drive through Napa’s back country roads blasting old school rap off the radio!

Day One was introducing Ali to all the grounds, food, events, stages.  It was fun. :)  We didn’t really have anyone we were desperate to see until Saint Motel at 3:15 so we took our time.  Because right after Saint Motel we were SUPER excited to see Fitz and ThIMG_3646e Tantrums!  Two bands I love, back to back!  It was GREAT!  After that we split up and Sex God & Ali went to Macklemore and then Maroon 5 while Gloria and I went and saw Silversun Pickups & Modest Mouse. (which I regret now!)  By the end of the night, all four of us were very “relaxed” but me the least so I drove.  And what a horror THAT was!  The back roads at night felt like I driving Topanga Canyon with no street lights!  I knew beyond the unlit 2 lane highway was only vine fields but without my brights on it felt like a cliff edge!  Having to turn off my brights for oncoming traffic and the pressure to go fast from the MANY cars behind me it was an intense, white-knuckle drive!  I was soooooo happy to finally get there with my snoring companions!

Day Two started with a nice breakfast at the hotel and since it was a Saturday, the GPS had a go a different route.  We managed to get there in time to see Judah & the Lion (very nice), Andra Day (who was amazing!!).  We then popped over to the lovely shade of a covered stage to see Mavis Staples who was playing just before Bishop Briggs.  Sadly when she played long we realized the rumor of Bishop Briggs too sick to play was true…sigh.  So we popped over to hear some Ani DiFranco (a bit boring, but relaxing and kind of stayed there while Sex God went to see Tom Petty.  Sadly none of us were that interested to join him!   Once back at the hotel we quickly did a planning for day three on the fly lol  This is what happens when I’m too busy to do ALL the work, lol.

On Day Three we tried a new different breakfast spot, that was local.  It was fun, and the looks we got  in our exuberant conversation was even more fun! hahaha   WIMG_3659e got there in time to see Cobi (more commercialized hottie than real talent.)  After that we kind of stayed at that main stage to wait for LIVE, which was WONDERFUL to see!!  Sex God popped over to see a bit of The Strumbellas but came back soon after, VERY sun stroked.  I kept a cold rag on his face and head while plying him with water and Motrin.   He slept through Band of Horses, and while we WANTED to see The Naked and Famous we couldn’t dare leave our good spot because up and coming was Foo Fighters!!  And wow…. they were amazing!  Gloria and Sex God and seen them before but it was a first time for Ali and I.  And, I must say, if you’ve never seen Foo Fighters, definitely take the opportunity to see them.  Worth it, completely.

Last year Glo drove me & her all the way home Sunday night because I had to work.  THIS year we all made sure we got the day off and leisurely drove the 6 hours home.  Or I should say “I” drove us home.  When Sex God offered, but Ali and Glo said, “No!”

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It’s 2018!!!

We all have high hopes, dreams, ideas which time, reality and life seem to overshadow.  For example, I had hoped to get the ideas written and posted in January, dreaming I would manage to finish a blog once per month.  But life…. or rather the desire NOT to life intervened and I procrastinated until March.  IMG_4084

It was a difficult year in 2017 watching our government, those in charge of protecting the general “us”, act crazy and betray all precepts of protection for the sake of greed.  But I found a way to do something more than bitch.  Normally, the thing they tell you is to get ACTIVE in politics.  But I’m in Southern California in a very Blue area of the state, so I wasn’t sure what I could do.  Until I signed up for email notices from  This group lists the closest swing seat near you which can be very valuable information if you want to get more active in politics.

I realized the power of the grass roots organizations could work to my advantage.  Everyone talks about voting OUT all possible Republicans this year, but unless you’re actively able to join every campaign that can seem like nothing more than talk.  But there is a way to help…. with money.  The GOP has proven THAT is how you rule in politics and the Sander’s campaign taught us how to use the internet to that advantage.

Basically what I’m saying is every person should decide to donate $10-$20 a month to change politics.  It’s rather easy…you donate $1 a month to 10 or 20 like minded campaigns around the country.  If EVERY person who wanted change did this we could remove the BIG $ influence OUT of politics and perhaps get politicians less dependent on corporations. You might find the website very informative!

So in the interest of this, I got a few names for you.  (I’m just gonna list sames & what they’re running for…look them up, they’re worth supporting)  Paulette Jordan-Idaho governor, Tammy Baldwin-WI Senate, Jay Hulings-TX Congress, Marie Newman-IL congress, Jess King-PA congress, Dan Canon-Indiana Congress, Chelsea Manning-MD senate, Lupe Valdez-TX governor, Conor Lamb-PA congress, Elissa Slotkin-MI congress, Kendra Ferishee-WV congress, Jess Phoenix-CA congress, Zach Walls-IA senate, Pete D’Alessandro-IA congress, Mallory Hagan-AL congress, Cort VanOstran-MO congress, Ben Jealous-MD governor, Chuy Garcia-IL congress, Brendan Kelly-IL congress, Tina Smith-MN-senate, Lindsey Davis Stover-VA congress, Beto O’Rourke-TX senate, .   There are of course, MANY MORE, and research is a pain in the ass….but so are Republicans!  lol

Oh and there are other grass roots ways to support.  Buy a shirt or two from Wildfang or support their Indiegogo campaign to save the last abortion clinic in South Dakota.  Shaun King has started a Real Justice PAC to try to help areas vote OUT discriminatory policing, he’s got boots on the ground support.  Keith Ellison is trying to keep the Progressive Movement going even as Tom Perez the DNC chair is purging Sanders supporters from the DNC. grrrrrrr…

What I’m going to do is send money to a few in my state, then to some southern states cuz they need to CHANGE!!!

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21 Pilots…. something different… a KROQ Win!

I have won many radio concert contests from 98.7 AltRock station.  Although since they changed their contest format, not so much now.  But I did wIMG_0640in through KROQ once!  And I will say in comparing the two I’d prefer the 98.7 win.   In summer 2015 I got free tix to see 21 Pilots at the KROQ Red Bull soundstage.  Sex God was hugely excited as this was his #1 band at that time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love them too, just not to that level of fanaticism.

Anyway we get to the venue and realize everyone is waiting in this long line to get in.  We didn’t think we were that early but joined the queue thinking it would move soon.  We were there for almost 30 minutes!  Shocking!  98.7 lets you into the venue and mill about getting drinks, etc, but their venue is a Penthouse off site of the studio.  Anyway, they check tickets and I.D.’s handing out wristbands for drinking while we all wait.  Then finally, the line begins to move!  And as cattle we herd into a small room with a roped off section for 21 Pilots to play.  That section isn’t raised and since we weren’t the first 20 people there I technically didn’t get to SEE 21 Pilots play!  Curse my shortness!

There was free RedBull and you could buy drinks but we opted out since it was noon! lol   Hearing them was marvelous and Sex God was able to see over most heads to the performance.  I was able to watch a smidgen of it through the camera of the guy in front of me filming off his phone!  Ha!   Again, my heel spurs really made my feet pain to just stand there, so once the band finished we didn’t mill about but left the venue.

It was fun, but I won’t be entering any more of THOSE contests…  well, not unless I plan on getting there early and waiting an hour outside!

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