Orange Salmon

I’m not sure if I have posted this recipe on this blog or not.  (There have been over 300 entries in the last 2 years!  shocking)

But today has been horrifically busy and if I put this off to tomorrow I’ll be off schedule… AGAIN!  So I’m substituting the blog I WAS going to put up with a quick recipe of my oldest son’s favorite dish.  Orange Salmon

13 years of marriage (which I signed the final divorce papers today for.. yay!!!)  and the one thing that came out of it, other than my 3 sons, was I learned how to cook a few things REALLY well.  I mastered almost every breakfast dish that I enjoy and I’ve been slowly passing that on the boys.    And I’ve shared some of my quick and delicious recipes on this blog.    Heather\’s Salad Dressing and  Sweet Potato Chips

So some fellow vendors and I were discussing salmon at a show recently and I promised I’d email Joan this recipe.. but decided to post it instead.  (Ha!  Now she’s got to read the blog!  See how devious I am? muahahahah)

I buy salmon at Costco.. a nice big piece because the leftovers are delicious and I have 3 growing boys who are trying to put me in poor house on food!  I buy about a 3-5 lb salmon depending on how much leftovers I want.  (i.e.  is Sex God coming over.. he loves my cooking)   It’s completely skinned and I slice it into serving sizes to fit in my big round skillet.

Now the original recipe said to grill it with this sauce.. but I prefer to fry it which carmelizes it into a glaze.  And, of course, the key to this is the glaze.

1/2 cup Orange Marmalade, 2 tsp Oil, 2 tsp soy sauce, 3 tbs rice wine vinegar & 1 crushed garlic clove.

Now they wanted sesame oil and I use olive oil.. but I think using any oil you have is good enough.  I always have rice wine vinegar because I use it for my salad dressing, but if you need to substitute.. well, you’re on your own!  I don’t crush a clove of garlic anymore as its easier and mixes better when I use powdered garlic.  I just shake some into it.

Coat a slice of salmon and place it in the pan.  Continue until they are all in there.  Then pour the rest of the glaze over it all.  Cook 5 minutes each side.  When you notice the glaze carmelizing move the pieces around to get them completely coated.

And this is the MOST important step!  Try this recipe once or twice to make it your own.  You’ll find you substitute things or cook it less or more depending on you and your family’s preference.   In other words, “Don’t let another person’s preference fence in your style”.

Experiment! (hee hee hee… in everything!!!)  😉

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