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So part of my job is keeping our videos off YouTube.  Normally its not too much of a problem.  We hold the copyright.  There is a little button to click to let YouTube know and they promptly pull it.

Last week, we found two separate clips of our film Baby Led Breastfeeding posted on Yasharahlakitchen’s channel.  With one of the sections I was able to pull it off, but with the other she’d put it on a grouped play list and I was unable to click the little button.  So I put a comment on it that its uploaded illegally without permission of the author & send Yasha a message saying please remove it.

Now… this is a film to help mothers breastfeed their babies.  Usually people upload these films out of a desire to share the wonderful material because they love it.  We understand that & do see the compliment involved.  But if we don’t protect the copyright we lose it, so we HAVE to tell people to remove it.  And really…. you all know better.

Oh but Yasha replies to the message……

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Re: Copyright violation
To: K****F****
Your welcome cunt .

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Apparently her SHAME brings out her true nature.  Perhaps she should watch Keifer Sutherland’s new show Touch.  She wouldn’t be so flip about her Karma.  Especially if she new the history of bad shit that happened to people who tried to harm my Mom!

Sometimes having your own blog has perks.  😉

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