The Humor Gene

I inherited quite the snarky humor gene from my father.  So did my brother and to a smaller extent my sister.  I managed to pass it on completely to my youngest two sons, and to a lesser degree, my oldest.  So, obviously, this is a dominant gene!

Conor (red head, youngest, 13 yrs, middle school) had to make up about 10 journal entries for English class.  He’s soooo bad at doing it in the classroom we now have a Word Template for him at home.  So I give him the list and template and insist he get started.  His mood is COMPLETELY negative and when I read the entries they are dark and mean and absolutely NOT what the teacher is looking for.  We leave it for the next day and this time I get him in a joking mood and go over answering the first journal question with him.  This is usually all it takes to get his creative juices percolating.   And THIS is some of what he turned in.  (Which I didn’t read until after his teacher graded it with lots of “Haha, I love it” all over it.

If you could eat anything what would it be?

Lots and lots of junk food.  Such as cake, cookies, ice cream, brownies, candy, brownies, chocolate candy!, ice cream cake, cake flavored pizza, pizza flavored cake, CANDY, and some stomach medicine.

Where did you go on your last vacation?

I went on a vacation a little while ago.  I did absolutely nothing and I regret nothing.  Deal with it (proceeds to put on sunglasses)  And I should also mention that it was in Palm Springs.

What is your favorite movie?

Lord of the Rings.  Great storytelling, amazing presentation, memorable characters, and a fandom so great to this day it still puts up a fight to all the Whovians of the worlds.

THIS is one of the reasons hanging with my kids is so hilarious.   And probably one of the reasons their teachers rarely give up on them.  When they DO participate they are smart,  insightful and usually pretty funny.

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