The Big Short

I just finished watching the movie The Big Short and all I can say is wow.  And crap.  And we’re fucked.   This movie is about the housing crisis and how it led to the banking crisis and destroyed the US economy which trickled down to the world economy.

In most of these types of things it’s a look back…had we known, disaster could have been averted kind of movie.  But in this movie its about the ones who saw the disaster and since no one would listen to them about it, they found a way to profit from it.  Actually, they found the way to profit and everyone laughed at them when they went for it.  Because they were basically betting that the US economy would tank.    And they were right.

It’s a great movie.   But,  it’s also crazy fucking scary.  Because it completely points out HOW banking got fucked, got greedy, and lost all ethics.   Worse… is seeing how badly everyone covered their own ass, kept the system as the same as possible, lied, bribed & sold their concern for anyone other than themselves to the highest payer.   And what did WE do?  WE did whatever they fed us was the “right” thing to do.  WE let them all get away with it.

Seven years later … we have the ultimate representation of Greed as our President.  And I watch him as he signs away in Executive Order after Executive Order ALL our protections from this shit.  Because Greed is tired of the restrictions.  But those restrictions kept Greed from putting $$ over our health, over the welfare of kids, over our rights.  Yet the Republican goobers think it will get them jobs and put THEM in the middle class.  How shocked will they be when more and more of their neighborhoods become Flint, Michigan.  When their food prices go up with the wall war with Mexico.  When the country goes to war and begins to kill their sons and grandsons because Greed likes making money off war.

Thank God I’m in California where we can legislate our rights back and prove to be a beacon of sanity for the rest of the country.

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