Kaiser Insurance

So after the divorce I find I have to find new insurance.  Including health insurance.

For many months I debated about whether I needed or could afford the monthly expense of health insurance.  Because lets face it, insurance is a gamble.  Yup!  As much as a trip to Vegas!  The insurance company is gambling that YOU will NOT crash your car and they’ll get to keep all the money you’ve given them over the years and YOU are gambling that you WILL crash your car and make the money which you poured into the insurance company worth it.  With health care you are gambling you’ll get hugely sick and they are gambling you won’t.

Judging from the high cost of my monthly premium, the insurance company is expecting me to get very sick, very soon!  But I really like the way Kaiser is set up.  Its incredibly efficient.  Which got me thinking…  WHY are the premiums are so high?   I can  understand the independent doctor trying to cover costs & med school loans & malpractice insurance & office staff to process the confusing medical billing.   But Kaiser is kinda an all-in-one place of Insurance/Doctor/Hospital.  So I would assume you need LESS staff to do all the managing.  It certainly seemed to be run better than an independent doctor’s office or a hospital.

Then 6 months into it I get a letter saying I’m up for my annual review & my rate will be going up 10%.  WHAT!!!!  I’m barely affording it as it is!

Turns out they review my policy annually and “based on your demographic (i.e. age group) costs” it has been assessed 10% increase is necessary.  I ask him, “Is this a regular thing?”  And he goes on and on about demographic blah, blah.  “No,” I interrupt him, “Is this an ANNUAL thing?  Is this going to happen every year?”   “Oh.   Well, yes,” is all he can say.

Shit, what’s going to happen when I turn 50 next year!!   Come on Obamacare!!!  I think even a band aid will help this broken system!

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