OMG… it’s November???

The older you get, the faster time goes.  I know its a perception thing and a “how busy we make our life” thing and a corny phrase to start a post with, but WOWZA, that’s how I feel today.   I can barely wrap my head around the fact we have a month and a half until the end of 2015.

Probably because October kind of drizzles a person into fall in SoCal.  It makes November slam right into you.  And probably because it’s the birthday month of Sex God and my youngest and the month where I have to help mom bake 30 fruitcakes AND do Thanksgiving.  So, yes, November is a slam month for me.

Top all that off with working 60 hour weeks, (37-40 at Target and 20 at Geddes) and parenting my struggling-with-life/reality-of-school children and I find myself living minute to minute in a whirlwind of “Oh Em Gee… has 8 hours passed already!!!”

Here is how busy I’ve been… I’ve had to cancel a play date with Ultimate Man twice… TWICE!!!   Who does that!!!  Who gives up amazing sex with a “still got the looks and the bod” ex-underwear model!  No one, that’s who!  Except a crazy busy woman who’s thinking… sleep, sleep would be nice.    And my libido has been quieter lately and I cannot tell if that’s due to being over 50, finished with menopause, sexual satisfaction, or a symptom of sleep deprivation!

But I will say, I’m happy.  I adore the Target job.  The people are great!  I’ve never worked with a group, all the way up the ladder, who are nice and polite to most everyone else in the same working boat.  Of course, there will be tweaks and jerks and impressions/judgements and attitudes, but for the most part they are set aside for the professionalism of the job when on the job.   I mastered cashiering pretty well after 2.5 months and they offered me a position as Baby Adviser on the sales floor.  I’ve been doing that for several weeks and it’s a much more difficult position to master.  Lots to learn and know and do quickly.  I’m JUUUST starting to feel I’m figuring things out but think I’ve run out of time because BLACK FRIDAY is almost upon us!

Yup… not only will this be the first time I’ve ever worked a Black Friday, it’s going to be the first time I’ve ever EXPERIENCED a Black Friday.  Not being a big shopper all my life, I’ve mostly done Xmas shopping with thrown cash or while I’m at Costco, picking up a thing or two I see there.    I know its going to be a baptism of fire, but after the work day I had yesterday (completely disappointing my supervisor) I’m more determined than ever to succeed.  Ironically, by the end of a day of, “you don’t know this yet?” I felt more empowered than beaten.  She walked me through it, step by step.  She corrected me when I misinterpreted instructions and laid out EXACTLY how she wanted a morning shift done.   I’m ready for tomorrow having spent hours trying to master it yesterday.

I wish my KIDS could have this experience.  Maybe then they wouldn’t take a scholastic defeat to personally and instead see it as a teaching moment to do better next time.   Conor is still lying to me about everything.  Telling me he’s doing better, done the work, eaten a damn vegetable and bam…. it’s a lie.   I was able to throw him a birthday party for the first time in 4 years (since the divorce) and he really enjoyed the LaserTag.  But I had to remove all his electronics from his life and restructure it around supervised homework.  He can no longer be trusted to be in charge of that, due to the lying.

Amusingly, the kid I used to have serious trouble with this, Evan (middle son-16) has turned a corner and taken charge of actually doing the work in the classroom so he doesn’t have to do it at home.  Now if he’d only take a more active role in his weight situation! lol  I want him around forever, cuz he’s such hilarious company!

Luke had to drop one of his two community college classes.  The bar there is higher and his essay writing just wasn’t up to snuff.  This first semester has been his own version of baptism of fire.  He and I will sit down and plan out his scholastic choices (something I never did when I went to college and should have) and focus on better performance next semester.

THIS… is a boring post.  So I’ll end it with a bit of spice.  Met an adorable 30 year old Cub the other night off the site.   I agreed to the meet even though I’m horrendously busy due to a few factors… my instinct said he had a great smile even though none of his pictures had him smiling (he did!) and his profile listed him as bi and poly.  Now, at 30 it is RARE to meet a man who not only knows he’s bisexual but that he’s polyamorous also.  I asked him about that and he admitted he always knew.   Evan as a kid he felt drawn to movies and situations where the main character loved two people.   I, of course, captivated him completely under my spell and he has delicious lips when kissing, but I shall have to see how well we click in the bedroom.

Assuming I can find the time for that!

Mmmmm… that reminds me, gotta see if Ultimate Man is free.

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